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Built By Scientists, For Scientists

Labviva  connects researchers with suppliers of reagents, chemicals, and instrumentation in an intuitive user-friendly platform that supports the priorities of scientists while staying compliant with purchasing rules. Products are mapped into scientific applications, techniques and protocols, then a relevant citation index score is generated based on references in peer reviewed journal and related documents and assets are compiled. The results are a unique index of products linked to the relevancy of a product with each scientific use case.

About Labviva

It's simple to choose your lab’s reagents, instrumentation, and services when the latest science is placed at the heart of purchasing decisions.

Meet The Team

Our Investors

At Labviva, our mission is to accelerate the pace of life science research by connecting suppliers, purchasing departments, and scientists through AI. We integrate with industry-leading procurement systems to shorten implementation times and reduce disruptions to the lab. We build partnerships across the entire ecosystem and use technology to create connections.

Our Mission

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Get your products into the hands of purchasers.



Reduce the time spent on procuring research supplies.

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Access advanced analytics and intelligent search.

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