Frozen-EZ Yeast Transformation II Kit

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The Frozen-EZ Yeast Transformation II Kit is designed to make yeast transformations and library screening easier and more efficient than currently available methods. The yeast cells prepared with the Frozen-EZ Yeast Transformation II Kit can be used immediately for transformation or can be stored (i.e., ≤ -70°C) for use at a later time. Yeast prepared with this kit can be transformed with both circular and linear DNAs. Also, the Frozen-EZ Yeast Transformation II Kit can be used with other fungi including C. albicans, S. pombe, and P. pastoris.

Labviva Id: LV-0353-8490



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Protocols & Papers

Protocols & Papers

Precursor-Directed Combinatorial Biosynthesis of Cinnamoyl, Dihydrocinnamoyl, and Benzoyl Anthranilates in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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PLOS ONE; Published: October 2, 2015

View Reference

An XA21-Associated Kinase (OsSERK2) Regulates Immunity Mediated by the XA21 and XA3 Immune Receptors

Xuewei Chen; Shimin Zuo; Benjamin Schwessinger; Mawsheng Chern; Patrick E. Canlas; Deling Ruan; Xiaogang Zhou; Jing Wang; Arsalan Daudi; Christopher J. Petzold; Joshua L. Heazlewood; Pamela C. Ronald

Molecular Plant; Volume 7, Issue 5 2014/05/01

View Reference

Arabidopsis CBL-Interacting Protein Kinases Regulate Carbon/Nitrogen-Nutrient Response by Phosphorylating Ubiquitin Ligase ATL31

Shigetaka Yasuda; Shoki Aoyama; Yoko Hasegawa; Takeo Sato; Junji Yamaguchi

Molecular Plant; Volume 10, Issue 4 2017/04/03

View Reference

Multiple Parameters Drive the Efficiency of CRISPR/Cas9-Induced Gene Modifications in Yarrowia lipolytica

Vinciane Borsenberger; Djamila Onésime; Delphine Lestrade; Coraline Rigouin; Cécile Neuvéglise; Fayza Daboussi; Florence Bordes

Journal of Molecular Biology; Volume 430, Issue 21 2018/10/19

View Reference

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