Vivafree™ 500 30,000 MWCO, Hydrosart® Membrane, 500 per pack

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Rapid separation of free drugs and hormones

Vivafree™ 500 centrifugal filters offer fast, accurate separations of free drugs for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. They have been used successfully for phenytoin1, valproic acid, antibiotics, immunosuppressants and other drugs. Vivafree™ filters are also being used clinically to separate free hormones such as testosterone and insulin. Separations can be performed as quickly as 20 minutes with high recoveries and excellent reproducibility. Savings of 35% have been reported when switching to Vivafree™ filters from another centrifugal ultrafiltration device2.

(1) Comparison of Centrifugal Filter Performance for Free Phenytoin Assays (PDF)

(2) Evaluation of a Centrifugal Filtration Device in the Measurement of Free Testosterone (PDF)

Vivafree™ 500 Applications

  • Separation of free hormones (testosterone, insulin, cortisol).
  • Sample preparation for therapeutic drug monitoring (phenytoin, valproic acid, antibiotics, immunosuppressants).
  • Remove proteins from samples before mass spectrometry.
  • Prepare samples for drug binding studies.

Performance Characteristics - Vivafree™ 500 for DNA

Device TypeMWCOTest Sample
(all from serum)
Force (x g)
Vivafree™ 500125,000Free Insulin500 µl150 µl30 min.37° C2,000
Vivafree™ 50030,000Free Piperacillin500 µl100 µl30 min.25° C2,500
Vivafree™ 50030,000Free Tazobactam500 µl100 µl30 min.25° C2,500
Vivafree™ 50030,000Free Linezolid500 µl90 µl20 min37° C1,000
Vivafree™ 50030,000Free Fluconazole500 µl90 µl20 min.37° C1,000
Vivafree™ 230,000Free Cortisol500 µl100 µl20 min.37° C2,500
Vivafree™ 230,000Free Phenytoin500 µl200 µl20 min.25° C4,000
Vivafree™ 230,000Free Testosterone300 µl100 µl20 min.37° C4,500
Vivafree™ 230,000Free Testosterone *1000 µl *500 µl60 min.25° C4,500

* This sample starts with 1000 µl of diluted serum. Free Testosterone analyzed by mass spectrometry.

Note: Filtration times may vary according to sample volume and quality. Lipemic samples may require longer spin times.

Labviva Id: LV-0763-9983



More Information
Attribute Type Attribute Value
Back Spin Vial Polypropylene
Body Polycarbonate
Active Membrane Area 0.32 cm²
Dead Stop Volume (swing Bucket Rotor) No dead stop
Dead Stop Volume (fixed Angle Rotor) 5 µl (40° rotor)
Maximum Speed 30,000 Mwco 5.000x g
O Ring Silicone
Membrane (ex 125,000 Mwco) Hydrosart®
Membrane (125,000 Mwco) Cellulose Triacetate
Maximum Speed 125,000 Mwco 2,500x g
Hold-up Volume, Membrane And Support < 5 µl
Fixed Angle Rotor 0.5 ml
Filtrate Vessel Polypropylene
Total Length 45 mm
Swing Bucket Rotor 0.5 ml
Rotor Cavity To fit 1.5 ml
2.2 ml (11 mm) conical bottom tubes
Width 12.4 mm
Manufacturer SARTORIUS
Rotor Type Fixed Angle or Swinging Bucket

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