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Although simple by visual inspection, design and manufacturing process of pipette tips have a major impact on the quality of your pipetting. As with pipettes, make sure to choose the right tips for your experiment:

  • Standard tips are well-suited for everyday use.
  • Filter tips prevent contamination of the sample by the pipette and vice versa.
  • Low retention tips reduce the amount of liquid that adheres to the inside of the tips, thus improving the ratio of volume dispensed to volume aspirated. This makes pipetting of viscous and low surface tension liquids straightforward.

Choose the right pipette for your experiment

Pipettes are laboratory workhorses for performing accurate volumetric measurements. The most common type, the air displacement pipette, was invented in 1957 by Heinrich Schnitger at the University of Marburg, Germany. In this type of pipette, the piston generates vacuum, which pulls in the corresponding volume of liquid. Calibration is very important to ensure that the vacuum translates to the right amount of liquid.

There are multiple kinds of pipettes, each of which serves a particular purpose. You should always choose the pipette that was designed for the kind of experiment you are looking to do.

At Labviva you will find a pipette and tip that is best for the experiment you are doing now. Use our Pipette Selection Tool to choose your pipette based on key characteristics and scientific validation to compare pipettes and pipette tips across different brands.



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