Labviva - a unique digital marketplace for life science applications and products

Built by scientists for scientists.

Introducing Labviva, a new way of connecting researchers with suppliers of reagents, chemicals and instrumentation in an intuitive user-friendly platform.  We understand the needs and priorities of the scientist, as well as those who provide the products and services that scientists need, and that is why we have developed a marketplace that leverages the scientific context as the organizing principal while making it easy for suppliers to provide and manage the content for their products. 

Rich Content…..Easy to Manage

Unlike other industry sites, Labviva has been built with the life science user, as well as the supplier of content in mind. We don’t make it cumbersome to add rich product content to the site. You just need to provide the catalog numbers of products you wish to offer on the marketplace.  Labviva’s powerful algorithms complemented by human expert annotators will do the rest.  Products are mapped into scientific applications, techniques and protocols, then a relevant a citation index score is generated based on references in peer reviewed journal and related documents and assets are compiled. The results are a unique index of products linked to the relevancy of a product with each scientific use case.

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