Corning™Centrifuge Tubes with CentriStar™ Cap

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Features CentriStar™ caps with an easy-on/easy-off flat top and offers advanced ergonimics with wider knurls and roll-over edge design for easier gripping. Corning™Centrifuge Tubes with CentriStar™ Caps leak-proof design comes with a revolutionary plug feature that virtually eliminates all seepage when used undre recommended conditions.

Labviva Id: LV-0002-1768



More Information
Attribute Type Attribute Value
Pkg. Size 500 units
Includes Advanced polyethylene CentriStar™ caps
Quantity Per Pack 500
Shape Conical
Max. Force 15500xG
Max. RCF 17000xG
Thomas Number 2602A33
Fisher SKU 05-538-60
References Count 12.0000
Manufacturer CORNING
Sterility Yes
Certifications/Compliance DNase-free, RNase
Packaging Bulk
Color Clear
Length 114mm
Disposable Yes
Material Polypropylene
PRODUCTNAME Corning™Centrifuge Tubes with CentriStar™ Cap
Dimensions 29.1mm
Graduations 5 to 50mL in 2.5mL intervals
Closure Material HDPE
Capacity (Metric) 50mL
Capacity 50 mL
type Centrifuge Tube
Closure Color Orange
Label Type Large White Marking Area


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Generation of Tumour-stroma Minispheroids for Drug Efficacy Testing

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Isolation, BODIPY Labeling and Uptake of Exosomes in Hepatic Stellate Cells

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Assessment of TCR-induced Sumoylation of PKC-?

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