Corning™ Falcon™ Round-Bottom Polystyrene Tubes

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Attribute Type Attribute Value
References Count 17.0000
Daigger Catalog Code EF4650
Volume 5mL
Dimensions 12mm
Color Clear
Material Polystyrene
Disposable Yes
Manufacturer CORNING
Packaging Bag of 125, 1000/Cs.
Includes Dual position snap cap
Sterility Yes
Product Type Test Tube
Shape Round Bottom
Closure Material Polyethylene
Capacity 5 mL
Closure Snap
Closure Color Natural


Isolation and Culture of Human Adipose-derived Stem Cells from Subcutaneous and Visceral White Adipose Tissue Compartments

Asim Shabbir,Craig McFarlane,Davide Lomanto,Durgalakshmi Sathiakumar,Jimmy Bok Yan So,Shi Chi Leow,Walter Stünkel,Xiaojia Ge

Vol 6, Iss 22, November 20, 2016

| Source:

Isolation and Purification of Murine Microglial Cells for Flow Cytometry

Maude Bordeleau,Peter Theriault,Serge Rivest

Vol 6, Iss 1, January 05, 2016

| Source:

Simultaneous Intranasal/Intravascular Antibody Labeling of CD4+ T Cells in Mouse Lungs

Jincun Zhao,Jing Sun*,Jingxian Zhao,Rudragouda Channappanavar,Stanley Perlman,Yanqun Wang*

Vol 7, Iss 1, January 05, 2017

| Source:

LT-HSC Methylcellulose Assay

Marc A. Kerenyi

Vol 4, Iss 5, March 05, 2014

| Source:

VLA-4 Affinity Assay for Murine Bone Marrow-derived Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Francesca Avemaria,Seymen Avci,Shiri Gur-Cohen,Tsvee Lapidot

Vol 7, Iss 4, February 20, 2017

| Source:

Phagocytosis Assay to Measure Uptake of Necroptotic Cancer Cells by BMDCs

Dmitri V. Krysko,Peter Vandenabeele,Tania Løve Aaes

Vol 6, Iss 21, November 05, 2016

| Source:

T Cell Transfer Model of Colitis

Dai Dai,Nan Shen,Shu Zhu,Wen Pan,Yihong Yao,Yuanjia Tang

Vol 6, Iss 13, July 05, 2016

| Source:

Detection of Intracellular Reactive Oxygen Species (CM-H2DCFDA)

Corinne Dupuy,Rabii Ameziane-El-Hassani

Vol 3, Iss 1, January 05, 2013

| Source:

In vitro Ag Cross-presentation and in vivo Ag Cross-presentation by Dendritic Cells in the Mouse

Linda H Shapiro,Mallika Ghosh

Vol 2, Iss 24, December 20, 2012

| Source:

In vitro T Cell–DC and T Cell–T Cell Clustering Assays

Audrey Gérard

Vol 3, Iss 20, October 20, 2013

| Source:

Competitive Bone-marrow Transplantations

Atan Gross,Maria Maryanovich

Vol 4, Iss 11, June 05, 2014

| Source:

Measurement of CD8 and CD4 T Cell Responses in Mouse Lungs

Craig Fett,Jincun Zhao,Stanley Perlman

Vol 4, Iss 6, March 20, 2014

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Isolation of Primary Human Skeletal Muscle Cells

Emanuela Gussoni,Janelle M. Spinazzola

Vol 7, Iss 21, November 05, 2017

| Source:

Macrophage Phagocytosis Assay of Staphylococcus aureus by Flow Cytometry

Qin Yan,Sun Hee Ahn,Vance G. Fowler Jr

Vol 5, Iss 4, February 20, 2015

| Source:

Protocols & Papers

Protocols & Papers

Quantifying Antigen-Specific T Cell Responses When Using Antigen-Agnostic Immunotherapies

Jacob P. van Vloten; Lisa A. Santry; Thomas M. McAusland; Khalil Karimi; Grant McFadden; James J. Petrik; Sarah K. Wootton; Byram W. Bridle

Molecular Therapy - Methods & Clinical Development; Volume 13, Issue undefined 2019/06/14

View Reference

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