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Assay completed in less than 4 hours!

Our range of new RapidTM ELISA kits include: Mature BDNF, NGF, proBDNF, NT4/5, NGFR/p75ECD, NT3, GDNF, proNGF, LR3 IGF-1 and our Multi-Neurotrophin RapidTM Screening ELISA kits.

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The best Antibody for Beta Amyloid

MOAB-2 is a pan-specific, high-titer antibody to Aβ residues 1-4 as demonstrated by biochemical and immunohistochemical analysis and is highly specific just to amyloid beta peptide. MOAB-2 does not detect APP or APP-CTFs in cell culture media / lysates or in brain homogenates from transgenic mice.

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BDNF serum levels measured with the indicated ELISA assays.

Box plot of serum BDNF concentrations (ng/ml) from healthy volunteers (n = 38–40, see Table 2) represented as mean of two independent measures. The upper line of the box marks the 75th percentile, the middle line is the median value and the lower line specifies the 25th percentile. Whiskers above and below the box indicate the 90th and 10th percentiles, respectively. Dots indicate the outlier values within each group.

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