Oligomeric Amyloid-beta ELISA Kit (2 plates)

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The oligomeric form of Amyloid Beta peptide (Aß, 1-42) has been closely linked to Alzheimer€™s Disease. Several ELISAs targeting Aß have been developed; however, these ELISAs are known to cross-react with Amyloid Beta precursor protein (APP) and are poorly characterized against monomeric and oligomeric forms of the peptide. The Biosensis MOAB-2 antibody, developed by LaDu and co-workers (Youmans K. et al., 2012), has been shown to specifically detect Aß, but not the precursor molecule APP. When utilized in ELISAs, the oligomeric form of Aß peptide (o-Aß) can be assayed independently of the other forms of the molecule when assayed with the MOAB-2 monoclonal antibody.

The Biosensis oligomeric Aß ELISA kit is a sandwich ELISA that allows the preferential quantification of oligomeric Aß peptides. This kit is exclusive to Biosensis and consists of a pre-coated mouse monoclonal anti-Aß capture antibody (MOAB-2), a biotinylated MOAB-2 detection antibody and horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-conjugated streptavidin. The addition of a substrate (3,3€™,5,5€™-tetramethylbenzidine, TMB) yields a colored reaction product which is directly proportional to the concentration of o-Aß present in samples and protein standards. The purpose of this kit is the in vitro qualitative measurement of oligomeric Aß peptide levels in brain extracts and CSF samples from both transgenic mice and humans relative to a known o-Aß standard. The inclusion of a highly validated oligomeric standard results in a unique, ready-to-use ELISA kit.

This kit has been configured for research use only and is not to be used in diagnostic or clinical procedures.

Labviva Id: LV-0358-0092



More Information
Attribute Type Attribute Value
Species Reactivity RODENT
Antibody Isotype Monoclonal-Monoclonal
Application Details Please download the detailed product insert for complete instructions for the successful use of this ELISA; Use only as directed.
Alternative Name Beta-APP42; Beta-APP40; Beta-amyloid protein 42; Beta-amyloid protein 40; ABPP; APPI; Amyloid beta A4 protein; MOAB2; MOAB-2; Alzheimer's antibody; AB40; AB42; abeta.
Target Protein A4
References Count 6.0000
Uniprot Number Only P05067
Uniprot Full Accession Number & Name P05067
Storage Store at 4 °C
Product Specificity Human. MOAB-2 (mouse IgG2b) is a pan-specific, high-titer antibody to Aß residues 1-4 and is highly specific just to amyloid beta peptide.

The Biosensis o-Aß Elisa detects Aß oligomers as validated and described by Youmans KL et al (2012) and Rat
UNSPSC Code 41116158
Shipping Temperature 2-8°C (on cold pack)
Expiry Date 12 months from purchase.
Applications ELISA
Manufacturer BIOSENSIS
Related Products Oligomeric Human beta-Amyloid Aß1-42 Peptide, Stabilized (PE-1750-1000)
Beta-Amyloid Aß1-42 Peptide, HFIP-treated (PE-1749-50)
Immunogen The standard in this ELISA is synthetically manufactured beta-amyloid peptide, amino acids 1-42 of human, HFIP treated and dried.The stabilized oligomeric beta amyloid 1-42 control complex is also constructed from the same synthetic peptide standard material. No animal systems were used for their manufacture.
Product Type ELISA
Format complete with pre-coated plates, Concentrated Buffers, Detection reagents and complete instructions., Ready to use Assay
Product Size 2 plates
Kit Components The ELISA kit box contains 2 x 96-well pre-coated strip plates, protein standards, QC sample, detection reagents, wash and sample buffers, substrate buffer and detailed protocols.
Target Cross Reactivity There is no detectable cross-reactivity with other relevant proteins.

Supporting Literature

Protocols & Papers

Protocols & Papers

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View Reference

Particulate air pollutants, APOE alleles and their contributions to cognitive impairment in older women and to amyloidogenesis in experimental models.

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