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The mouse TNF-alpha Kit is a sandwich ELISA. The capture antibody is an anti-mouse TNF-alpha antibody pre-coated onto the 96-well strip plates provided in the kit. Mouse test samples and standards of known TNF-alpha concentration are added to these wells and allowed to complex with the bound TNF-alpha antibody. A biotinylated mouse TNF-alpha antibody is then added. This detection antibody binds to the antigen thus completing the sandwich. After washing, an enzyme Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase complex (ABC) is added which binds to the second antibody. The peroxidase substrate TMB is added to induce a coloured reaction product. The intensity of this coloured product is directly proportional to the concentration of TNF-alpha present in the samples. The purpose of this kit is the in-vitro quantitative determination of mouse TNF-alpha in samples such as sera, plasma, tissue lysates and cell culture supernates. This kit has been configured for research use only and is not to be used in diagnostic or clinical procedures.

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More Information
Attribute Type Attribute Value
Species Reactivity RODENT
Antibody Isotype Monoclonal-Polyclonal
Application Details Please download the detailed product insert for complete instructions for the successful use of this ELISA; Use only as directed.
Alternative Name TNF-alpha; Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 2; TNF-a; Cachectin; TNF; TNFA; TNFSF2;
Target Protein TNFA
References Count 4.0000
Uniprot Number Only P06804
Uniprot Full Accession Number & Name P06804 TNFA_MOUSE;
Storage Store at 4 °C
Product Specificity Mouse TNF-alpha
UNSPSC Code 41116158
Shipping Temperature 2-8°C (on cold pack)
Expiry Date This kit may be stored for up to 6 months at 2°C to 8°C from the date of shipment. Standards should be stored at -20°C or -80°C (recommended at –80°C) after reconstitution. Coated strips or reagents may be store for up to 1 month at 2°C to 8°C.
Applications ELISA
Manufacturer BIOSENSIS
Sensitivity < 1 pg/mL
Immunogen The standard and immunogen in this assays is produced in and purified from an E.coli expression system consisting of amino acids L80-L235
Product Type ELISA
Format complete with pre-coated plates, Concentrated Buffers, Detection reagents and complete instructions., Ready to use Assay
Product Size 1 plate
Kit Components The ELISA kit box contains 1 x 96-well pre-coated strip plate, protein standards, detection reagents, substrate buffer and detailed protocols.
Target Cross Reactivity Boster’s mouse TNF alpha ELISA Kit was based on standard sandwich enzyme-linked immune-sorbent assay technology. A monoclonal antibody from rat specific for TNF alpha has been precoated onto 96-well plates. Standards (E.coli,L80-L235) and test samples are
Range 15.6 pg/mL - 1000 pg/mL(cellculturesupernates),7.8 pg/mL - 500 pg/mL(mouseserum,plasma)

Supporting Literature

Protocols & Papers

Protocols & Papers

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Cavanagh C; Tse YC; Nguyen HB; Krantic S; Breitner JC; Quirion R; Wong TP

Neurobiology of aging.; Volume 47, Issue 2016/11/01

View Reference

Expression of Phenotypic Astrocyte Marker Is Increased in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease versus Age-Matched Controls: A Presymptomatic Stage Study.

Doméné A; Cavanagh C; Page G; Bodard S; Klein C; Delarasse C; Chalon S; Krantic S

International journal of Alzheimer's disease.; Volume 2016, Issue 2016

View Reference

ßCTF-correlated burst of hippocampal TNFa occurs at a very early, pre-plaque stage in the TgCRND8 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.

Cavanagh C; Colby-Milley J; Bouvier D; Farso M; Chabot JG; Quirion R; Krantic S

Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD.; Volume 36, Issue 2 2013

View Reference

Contribution of brain inflammation to neuronal cell death in neuronopathic forms of Gaucher's disease.

Vitner EB; Farfel-Becker T; Eilam R; Biton I; Futerman AH

Brain : a journal of neurology.; Volume 135, Issue Pt 6 2012/06/01

View Reference

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