Phospho-Sure RTD Neuronal Cell & Soft tissue extraction buffer

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Detergents typically present in cell lysis buffers are thought to disrupt organelles and compartments and increase the exposure of soluble phospho-proteins to phosphatases and proteases thereby resulting in uncontrolled dephosphorylation and proteolysis.

Phospho-Sure™RTD™Neuronal extraction buffer is optimized for the extraction of phosphorylated proteins from neuronal and other soft tissues types. The buffer extracts the phosphoproteins in a native state without the use of harsh detergents or oxidizers, and it is specially formulated to help maintain phosphoproteins and protect them from degradation better than traditional detergent based extraction buffers.

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More Information
Attribute Type Attribute Value
Application Details Please download the protocol below for detailed instructions on how to use Phospho-Sure in neuronal and other soft tissues.
Alternative Name Phospho-sure
References Count 1.0000
Storage The dry, unopened container should be stored at room temperature in a dry or desiccated location protected from light. Do not store in the refrigerator unless material is in a dry, moisture free environment. Material
Reconstitution Add 93 mL of sterile double distilled water and mix by gently swirling, final volume 100 mL at 20°C.
UNSPSC Code 47101613
Shipping Temperature 25°C (Ambient)
Expiry Date Powdered format can be stored up to 12 months after purchase.
Applications IP, WB
Manufacturer BIOSENSIS
Product Type Buffers & Reagents
Format is very simple. Simply add sterile ddH2O directly to the powdered solution in the supplied bottle, Powder containing no preservatives. Preparation of Phospho-Sure™, RTD™, swirl briefly to dissolve the chemicals and use
Product Size 100 mL

Supporting Literature

Protocols & Papers

Protocols & Papers

Phospho-CREB and other phospho-proteins: improved recovery from brain tissue.

Suneja SK; Mo Z; Potashner SJ

Journal of neuroscience methods.; Volume 150, Issue 2 2006/01/30

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